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Remember Blue

Polkadots and other thoughts

Hm, im not really used to this kind of stuff, blogs and journals, just stumbled over this one and thought of giving it a go. It wont be so proffesional, i guess , but i'll do my best to (try to) make an effort :)

I'm still a complete LJ-n00b so feel free to 'lecture' me if need be.

oh, and i'm a 20 year old girl and i work hard everyday, one job is a secretary-kind-of-sometimes-production-and-everything else-kind of job, and in the weekends I work at a manga/comic-shop. I'll start my bachelor degree in Japanese language and culture at the University of Oslo, this autumn (2009), so I'm really happy about that. I want to help subbing Arashi shows in the future, so I'll have to study hard! :D

If we got a lot of the same interests, I'd be thrilled to be befriended :)

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